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  Tharawat Talk The Future Of Jobs Of Automation, AI And The Workplace

Tharawat Talk The Future Of Jobs Of Automation, AI And The Workplace
If anything new has influenced the online platforms for the past two years it is the ai chatbot. 2016 was the year when chatbots were killing it in the online industry be it eCommerce or Social Media. It's possible that we could see actors looking as young in movies as they did when they first debuted on the big screen. Recently, Hollywood has taken a liking to advanced CGI techniques that allow even deceased actors to be resurrected from the dead-the most notable example being Peter Cushing's Grand Moff Tarkin CGI resurrection in Rogue One: a Star Wars Story. In the same 2016 movie, Carrie Fisher also appeared as the 21-year-old Princess Leia from the 1977 Star Wars film. It's possible that if both studios and audiences embrace the CGI resurrection technology, there will be fewer jobs for new potential movie stars in the future as the same beloved stars of today (and yesterday) could keep staring and acting” in big blockbusters for decades to come. Matter of fact, the use of CGI to bring actors to the big screen was recently the subject of an excellent sci-fi flick called The Congress, starring Robin Wright as herself.
Robots will also take over the more repetitive tasks in professions such as law, with paralegals and legal assistants facing a 94% probability of having their jobs computerized. According to a recent report by Deloitte, more than 100,000 jobs in the legal sector have a high chance of being automated in the next 20 years.
Such technological advancements tend to go hand-in-hand with talk about people losing their jobs to machines and advanced algorithms. Yet in a future where repeatable tasks are performed by automated technology, people skills like empathy, analysis, and human-centric design will be more important than ever. In this near future, instead of a shortage of jobs, we will see a shift towards more meaningful careers for people: number crunchers in finance will have more time to analyze and act on data, and instead of factory workers mindlessly taking a box from point A to point B, they will be in charge of ensuring that systems run smoothly while adding human common sense to the process.
Asimov: For that matter, you will be able to reach someone at the moon colonies, concerning which General Motors puts on a display of impressive vehicles (in model form) with large soft tires intended to negotiate the uneven terrain that may exist on our natural satellite.
These forms of compensation don't currently give workers an ownership stake sufficient to ensure that the benefits of robotization will flow widely. But there is a menu of public and private policies that can: tax incentives for firms that give workers ownership shares, for example, and changes in corporate governance that increase workers' say in the way new technologies are implemented. Last summer, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proposed a modest tax break for firms that introduce profit-sharing for workers, which could signal the beginning of a post-robotization economic policy.
GE plans to use 3D printing to produce up to 100,000 parts by 2020. This can potentially reduce the aeroplane weight by 1,000 pounds. To put this in context - in 2013, American Airline removed all paper flight manuals and put them onto IPads in digital format. That saved 35 pounds per plane. That result saved $12 million in annual fuel costs.

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