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The second major derivative based on bitcoin is launching to trade on the CME.
The CME Group, one of the USA's major exchanges of options and fiancial derivatives ,started bitcoin futures and options for trading at 6 p.m. EST Sunday. The initial price for bitcoin futuress was $20,650, and the crypto currency was trading at $20,135 at 6:08 p.m. EST.
The digital currency has exploded in popularity and worth this year even while drawing doubts relating to its volatility.
The CME bitcoin futures and options, like the bitcoin futures that now trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, do not need real bitcoin. They will mirror an index of bitcoin price. Each contract will be for 5 bitcoin.

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EST for Cboe Bitcoin Futures and at 4:00 p.
The Cboe Futures Exchange LLC (CFE) and CME Group, Inc. If things go as planned, your futures (and everyone else's) settle at $18,000 per bitcoin based on the Gemini auction (the global bitcoin price doesn't matter). THE newest way to bet on bitcoin, the cyptocurrency that has taken Wall Street by storm with its stratospheric price rise and wild daily gyrations, will arrive on Sunday when bitcoin futures start trading.

?CFD trading permits you to go long (buy) in the event you believe market price ranges will rise, or go short (sell) in the event you believe market price ranges will fall.
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